Finally finished my wood floor!

Hand scraped floor

Red plane on brick and shavings on the floor.


Well we finally got it done!  We got our wood floor installed using nothing but our own locally sourced hardwood.  The entire project cost us a bit more than we thought it would but it still came in cheaper than most comparable products.

Of course when I say it was lower priced than comparable products I am not taking into account the amount of time that we spent working on creating the planks.  If we took the hours upon hours of time spent then I probably paid over twice as much for our new floor lol. Some people might say that it isn’t worth the time to take on such a labor intensive project but I beg to differ. This floor, in all likely-hood will be in our home until we die!  Being able to share this projects with friends and family along with future friends is a great conversation starter.  We have a great sense of pride whenever we come home now and that is something that can’t be bought at any price.

We decided on a darker stain to finish the floor and I am very happy that we did.  The great thing about this is that if we get sick of the color or if the floor gets worn out, we can always change the color later!  We used a pretty high end finish so I don’t imagine that we will need to do a refinish any time soon but it is nice to have the option if we want a change.

Wood flooring aftercare- It turns out that we were mis-informed in the past about how to care for a wood floor.  We always thought that you should use Murphy’s oil soap to clean the floor but it turns out that is a big mistake.  I guess the reason is that any oil based cleaning product contains glycol which leaves a film or residue on the floor which then starts to collect dust and grime and over time your floor starts to look old, dirty and worn.  We found out that the most safe and effective way to clean a wood floor is just some good ole’ vinegar and hot water.  1 part vinegar with 5 parts water.  If you need a more thorough clean then you can use the same ratio except swap out the vinegar with ammonia.  The ammonia is only necessary once or twice a year so please use it sparingly.

Overall we are very happy with our floor although we would not recommend that just anyone try making their own hardwood flooring.  It is a very laborious job and not for the faint of heart.  Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions about the process we used.