My Willow Tree

I just want to start with a quick little story about my favorite tree when I was younger. The willow tree. We had one in our backyard in the back left corner. It was huge and it hung over the fence but the trunk was in our yard so it was my tree.

I would always go out and sit in it, there was a “little nook” that was perfect for chilling out. Weather permitting, I would sit all day and read in it or play with my current favorite toy. I could stay in that tree all day, or night if my parents would have let me.

That is until one night we had a really bad thunderstorm and lightening struck the tree and it literally split in half. It knocked down the fence and into the two yards that bordered our. I was completely and utterly devastated. I had hoped that the tree was fixable but my dad try to explain to me that the tree was done and there was nothing we could do about it. I was probably three or four years old but I clearly remembering being inconsolable about it.

After my parents had the “mess” cleaned up and the fence mended we had that ugly metal box sitting in the place where my tree should have been. I guess that when lightening strikes you need to protect the area or some such thing like that. I vowed then that when I grew up I would always have a willow tree in my yard and I do. It is my go to tree to plant as well when I plant trees that my husband needs to uproot. I plant all different types of trees that are hardy for my area but I will plant as many willows as I can.

Thanks, Patty