How to Choose the Proper Tree for your Large Yard

Picking the right tree for your specific situation is not a perfect science but we have noticed there are some trees that work better than others in certain situations. We have created a list of 5 species that we think are the best option for planting in the midwest. All of the trees in our list are readily available at most reputable tree farms. This list is targeted towards a larger yard or landscape as all of the trees on this list will eventually grow to be quite large in size. We may in the future, create a list of small trees that are better for a smaller area.  If you would like us to do that please leave a comment below.

We know that the amount of choices when selecting a tree seems relatively endless but we took out some of the guess work out of narrowing things down.  This list is not an all inclusive one but we believe this will give you a great starting point from which to choose an awesome tree for your big yard. You should always keep a trees characteristics in mind when making your final choice.

I used a list of some of the most popular trees in North America as a starting point from which to create my list.  The number one criteria for my list is for the tree to be novice friendly.  I believe that when you make an investment into a tree that it is not much fun to deal with trees that tend to get sick or are tough to grow.  We like happy and healthy trees that are easy to grow from a seedling.

Without further adieu…..



5. Flowering Dogwood– This is argued to be the most beautiful tree that produces blooms on its limbs that is also native to the United States.



Red Maple tree





4. Red Maple– I Love red maples, so much so that I actually planted a couple in my own yard.  These trees are absolute beasts.  They love the climate here which makes them a breeze to grow. See pic on right.

3. River Birch– This hardy tree is a great choice. It has large leaves and a tremendous amount of vigor.  It is also quite resistant to leaf spot!  Really can’t go wrong with this big bad boy!

2. Sycamore– Very distinct green leaves that offer a great choice as a shade tree.  Some homeowners use these trees to shade their house from the morning and evening sun which can help keep down their a/c bill.

1. White or Red Oak– Not placing the mighty oak tree on the list would be an absolute travesty. The oak tree has earned quite a reputation as one of the most hardy of all North American trees.  I used to love climbing the giant oak that we had in our backyard when I was a kid.  We actually had to have the tree removed after it started growing too large and was impeding on our garage. Tree removal is a quite disappointing thing when you have had a living thing for that long but I suppose it is just part of life.



There is no perfect tree

Remember, all types of trees have pros and cons. Trees can give you exactly what you are looking for while it is young and may eventually grow into something you don’t want in the future. That is why it is very important to really dive in deep before making any quick decisions.  Having a “cool” looking tree is nice but choosing a tree solely for its outer appearance may end as tragically as it would when choosing a mate in the same way.  Starting a tree from a seedling can be quite a task so be sure to learn the proper steps involved before taking it on. If starting from a seedling is too daunting for you, we won’t judge you too harshly if you decide to take a shortcut and purchase a young tree to transplant.  We hope that you liked our list.  Stay green!