To me, trees are one of the most amazing things that nature has created. They are so majestic, each one is different, no matter the size of the tree. I love taking pictures of trees, however the picture never fully captures the true essence of the tree but I still love the pictures, I just love the real thing more. Nothing is more sad to me when a tree needs to be cut down or when people plant trees near things and the tree cannot grow to its fullest potential. When I see trees that are bent because of power lines or when I see a tree that has grown into a metal fence, I realize that most people do not know what they are doing when they are attempting to landscape their properties.

Plants, bushes, flowers, shrubs, trees and the like are best when they are left to themselves but most people plant them to close together, the reason being (I think) is that they want it to look good now and don’t have the patience to wait for nature to do it’s thing and grow into what it should be. Which is fine if you can be OK with that, its just that I am not. I never cut back my plants at the end of summer, I let them be their natural selves and just do what they do. To me, this is when they are the most beautiful. So to see trees planted where they cannot grow to their natural height makes me sad. These trees are everywhere, just pay attention to your surroundings when you drive to work, or back home, or when you are just out and about on your errands, you will see at least one tree that was planted in the wrong spot or that maybe a building was built just a little too close to a tree.

I know that I am probably in the minority with my thoughts on this and that most of you that are reading this are probably thinking that I am a silly person, but that’s fine. We all have our things, this is mine. But here you are anyways reading this so maybe there is a small part of you that feels close to what I feel about trees. Maybe. The only thing that I can to help the situation is to make sure that when I plant things is to plant them where they can grow naturally and help others realize the potential of plants in this way. Whether they do it or not is up to them but at least they know that there are other options out there and they do not have to do things just one way.

I do realize that trees will get in the way from time to time and will need to be cut down but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. That is why planting trees is very important and why I do it whenever I get the chance. There are companies out there that just go around planting trees, just like there are companies that go around cutting down trees.  I hope this post helps you realize that trees are important and that we need to take good care of them.