Tree House for Grown ups

Obviously when you are into trees the way that we have been for a lifetime, you have probably come across a few tree houses here or there.  We have always dreamed of building a grown up tree house.  I believe the first time the thought came across our mind was back in 1989.  We were waiting on a pretty nice tax return that year and thought that it would be a pretty awesome investment to build one on some property that we had.

Being the late nineties, this was long before the popularity spike that has come along just recently. When we first saw the show Treehouse Masters we were absolutely floored that such a show exists.  The owner of the company is a bit of a goofball but in my opinion he makes the show that much more magical.  Pete has a special way of envisioning each and every project that he works on by first finding the right tree and then sitting out in the woods to sketch out his plans for the tree house.  He really does have vision when it comes to figuring out how to best incorporate things into a tree.

While we still have not built our dream tree house, we are on our way to crossing that threshold in the air.  We have been putting away a few dollars here and there and we are getting closer every year to making our dream a reality.  Since becoming such large fans on Pete and the show, we have decided that we would really like to hire him for the project.  We would love to just move forward with the project but we made a pact not to use credit for anything that was not completely necessary.

On a positive note, we are in touch with a company that has offered to donate the wood for lumber.  The companies name is Waterford Tree Service, they mentioned that they get all types of different species and they also suggested a local company that would turn it into lumber for us at a reasonable price.  We are still trying to decide on what type of wood so if you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment.

We are not very high maintenance people but we do prefer to have some of the 21st century conveniences in our castle in the sky.  A bathroom is a must and believe it or not we are hoping to have WiFi if at all possible.  I have seen them do that before so I imagine it won’t be a problem.

Until next time….